This website documents my journey, as an artist and technician through the bizarre and compelling medium of video feedback.

2004 New Work ---- CLICK IMAGE ---- for more info

Photo of screen print of Video feedback generated tarrot card graphic representing four Arcana by Merlyn Chipman

Laser Deck

Landyachts Condore pin tail longboard with custom design by Merlyn Chipman

Randy Stiefel and I burnt this video feedback design of mine onto my Pin Tail Landyacht using Randy's laser plotter over at Maker Labs! Super stoked with the results! There are some things I would do differently on the next design. Randy and I are both looking forward to burning more decks!

longboard after laser burning and sanding before epoxy finish

Here is what the deck looked like after we took it out of the laser plotter and sanded it.

longboard after laser burning and sanding before epoxy finish, tail only

Tape saturated sounds, from international talents for an afternoon into an evening. Originally a Live in person event located at The James Black Gallery, it was reconfigured during this time to an Online format for your pleasure.

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Click the link below to see progress on my on-going installation project:
project name is The Chamber Of In finite Distraction

Learned to play video feedback mixed with audio feedback like a metal guitar! Another item crossed off my bucket list. Achievement unlocked!

Low Frequency Festival 2019

Pleased to be doing visuals for Softness - Vancouver Low Frequency Festival 2019 around the corner from my beloved Redgate at the The James Black Gallery in Vancouver BC on Saturday, May 11.

NeuzTec Lineup Poster

NuezTec was such a good time! Special thanks to Kikino Myster Shulba, David Bodrug, Chris Rozek and Sara Gold. Great to hang out with artists from the islands Brian Stubbs, Maxwell Patterson, Padre and my Vancouver peeps as well. I had a few people come up to me after the show and compliment my performance. This made up for last weekend.
Here is a video of my set.

Poor Man's Speed Ball 2019

Poor Mans Speed Ball
This weekend was Big to me. I did all the things. Visuals for every set. Video and audio recording. A noise set. Special thanks especially to Sian Macleod and also to Liam McIvor and Shawn. Such an honor to collaborate with such talented artists. Very happy to report that the audio recordings off the board + my video to the projectors look/sound good enough to release. Sian and I will update contributing artists before anything goes live. Poor Man's Speed Ball demanded a great deal of my energy this weekend. I definitely over extended my self and ran out of spoons half way through. It was TOTALLY WORTH IT! My PSYCHEDELIC ATTACK set certainly suffered. I can say with confidence and objectivity that it was the worst set of the night. Lesson learned. Better to do a few things well and relax then bomb in front of an audience.

Loop Coma 2018

The FIRST Loop Coma party showcasing some of Vancouver's local deejays. This is also a bit of a tear jerker as we say bye bye to our beloved Spencer before he migrates to Chi-city.






Red Circle album release party poster 2018

RedCircle album release party.


Diva Plavalaguna

Group Vision

Kamikaze Nurse

Show Poster for Mark Hosler with Guests

Mark Hosler was cool. I enjoyed talking with him. His set was amazing. It is such an honor and a pleasure to make live interpretive visuals for bleeps and bloops of this caliber! Thanks to Mark Hosler for coming to Red Gate and to Fans of Nothing and Happiness Under Capitalism for bringing him out. Thanks especially to Jim Carrico for inviting me to do visuals.

Show Poster for Edmonton Noise Music festival 2

What an adventure! Edmonton Noise Fest was awesome! Made some new friends. Heard some crazy sounds. Spread the namshub of PSYCHEDELIC ATTACK to a new region of brain hosts. Took out the drivers side CV joint in the minivan and still made mine and Whip of the UFOs set! Then fixed it and still made my lift op shift at Skookum Festival. Listened to Electric Wizard for the entire 10 hour drive back. Hahaha. Special thanks to Sian Macleod for the couch. OMG, Joellicorn, you saved our asses so excellently! Thanks for putting us up (and putting up with us). Without your help we wouldn't have made it. Thanks also to Mark Meloche for throwing a great event and inviting us, and to Gary James Joynes for making me sound so good.

Show Poster for Hexistential 2 music festival

The last Hexistential was the best visuals gig I had last year. The performers were all top notch and my interpretation of their sounds with colour was flawless. it will be held at the Redgate Review Stage which is the perfect venue for this work. I am really looking forward to this. I will be doing visuals and performing solo as Psychedelic Attack.

This video is very special for a few reasons. It is the last set of BYOG, the party I threw at Redgate Art Society's 855 east Hastings location once I realized we were getting reno-victed. I used to throw gear partys back in the early 2000s when me and my friends from Mediacore got tired of risking money, postering and finding a venue just to have fun co-creating with each other. But that's another story. This video is also the first video I have uploaded as visuals, i.e., interpreting other musicians music with light. About four years ago Rob Scharein and I created MetaMirrors (c) interactive kaleidoscope software. MetaMirrors represents 20 years of my thinking about video feedback and what I want to do with it. Specifically, the MetaMirrors specifications came out of my Weaving With Light project. But that's another tangent I will save for another time. Suffice to say this video recording is special, mostly because it is the first of many like it. Enjoy!

BYOG Bring Your Own Gear Party poster with cartoon gears behind it art work by Jordan Anderson

BYOG2 on May 2, 2018 was another success. DJ Seedy came out of retirement and surprised us all with strange tracks in a play list curated to fill in between live sets. Public Disturbance started the live sets with a harsh noise cover of 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall that actually did remind one of glass breaking over and over again. Stay tuned for my upload of that set with accompanying visuals. Followed by Giorgio Magnanensi then PSYCHEDELIC ATTACK. After that everyone just started playing one by one until we were all drowning in a mud bath of sound that lasted for hours. Scott Thomas Chalmers and Caleb Blagdon finished off the night like last time. I got good feedback from people. The consensus seems to be that Vancouver could use a night like this. I'm considering making BYOG a regular event. I am going to miss Redgate's 855 east Hastings location. I have had a lot of good times here. This was a great memory to leave this place with. I shared creative expression with some new friends and some old friends that haven’t seen each other in many years.

BYOG Bring Your Own Gear Party poster with cartoon gears behind it art work by Jordan Anderson

BYOG on April 4, 2018 was a success! Much tallent was shared and enjoyed! Thanks to all who came. My video recordings did not work out unfortunately. But, I did record over an hour of interesting audio. I have separated the recording into tracks. When I have confirmation regarding who played in each track and have all the permissions perhaps we can release some of it.

April 1, 2018:
It's so rare I update my website, resume, cv, etc. I guess I don't like doing those things. I guess playing freemium games on my mobile or scanning my facebook news feed until 5am doesn't afford me much time for digital expression. Part of the impetus I felt when I first started to explore video feedback was the sense of power it gave me to control this visual medium that had the whole world hypnotized. I hated commercial television and everything that it stood for. I was shocked and disgusted to learn how many sophisticated manipulation techniques were employed in one commercial break and how all the content was shaped by marketing. As I discovered psychology, hypnosis, the works of Marshall McLuhan and others I embarked on my own mission of discovery with this medium and felt I was liberating myself from commercial television. I watched the internet grow up around me and saw potential for further personal liberation but also the potential for more sophisticated psychological domination by commercial forces. I am a child of the 20th century. Never was much of a hacker. More of a twisted TV kid really. It's been almost 20 years since I first pointed a camera at a TV and I have little more to offer then this: PSYCHEDELIC ATTACK is the name of my video feedback noise/drone project. Words lie. Visual narratives lie. Very soon synthetic video will be indistinguishable from authentic. I offer you the only salvation I have found. Complex evolving visual patterns that strobe at illusion and hallucination inducing frequencies simultaneously translated into audible textures too complex to follow consciously. The stimuli will overwhelm and become indistinguishable from your brains attempts to associate and project meaning. The stimuli will beckon you to muster your best attention to perceive it as it changes and grows. Chase it as if it were a wild animal running through the brush. Chase it like an exhausted starving person chases their last chance to live.

February 24, 2015:
I woke up too early this morning. Thinking about an experiment I wanted to try. Then I did it. Theres a feeling I remember getting on those rare moments, years ago, while making video feedback and rocking out so hard the poor old telly just died. The psycho-delic/tronic experience was just too much for the components to endure. Quite literally, a show stopper. It was a wonderful feeling of triumph. If other people were watching, they'd freak out. It was the stuff underground legends are made of. Today I had that feeling. Today I cloned MetaMirrors and daisy-chained the clones, each one with a different kaleidoscope group fed into one another. It worked! The results were unimaginable! Nested digital kaleidoscopes defining the edges of a fractal fluid oozing out of TV Killer, my trusty old video camera, onto the illuminated screen. Whirlpools of living rainbow gasoline puddle mutating my fingers into tendrils descending in scale down an oscillating mandalic fractal. But only for a minute. Until the computer choked on it! No sparks or smoke, nothing fried. No need to carve another notch on TV Killer. But it felt good! Today is going to be a good day.

Here are some old recordings of performances, installations and experiments from my youtube channel. New links to come soon...